Welcome to The Movie Pack, a brand new podcast about filmmaking hosted by Clayton Jacobson (director of Australian hit comedy KENNY) and Chris Pahlow (director of the new indie film PLAY IT SAFE, due for release later this year).

In each episode we'll interview a different filmmaker from a different area of film production. From writers & directors, to editors & cinematographers, and all the way to entertainment lawyers & accountants, we want to explore all aspects of the filmmaking process. Whether you're an experienced veteran of the industry, or a youngster just starting out in film school, it's our mission to bring you great stories, tips, and lessons from the film industry's best.

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Clayton Jacobson Co-Host
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Those who have worked with Clayton know his deep love of the arts filter into every aspect of his inspired body of work. A devotee of the collaborative spirit, Clayton has directed Feature Film, TV Series, Documentary, Web Series, Music Video & TVC’s, many of which have won awards both locally and internationally.

Clayton’s directorial debut KENNY didn’t just make a star of Shane it is widely considered an Australian comedy classic. Clay as his friends call him loves a good film podcast and relishes the opportunity to add to the landscape with THE MOVIE PACK.

Chris Pahlow Co-Host & Producer
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Chris Pahlow is an independent writer/director currently in post-production on his debut feature film PLAY IT SAFE. Chris has been fascinated with storytelling since he first earned his pen license and he’s spent the last ten years bringing stories to life through music videos, documentaries, and short films. 

Chris is a big believer in independent cinema and is passionate about helping young filmmakers find their voice. He currently teaches film at Swinburne & Deakin Universities, and he has given guest lectures & workshops at a number of festivals & schools.

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Luke Clark

Luke Clark is a writer, podcaster and producer, passionate about telling stories in all their forms. He’s loved films ever since he realised you could watch them over and over on tape, and he’s been recording the sultry sound of his own voice for more than three years. 

Luke is a huge supporter of all Australian film from studio projects to indie shorts he’s thrilled to be able to bringing The Movie Pack to young filmmakers like himself.

Maia Tarrell
Editorial Advisor
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Maia is a documentary film and audio storyteller, podcast obsessive, behavioural scientist, researcher, tea master-in-training and dance enthusiast. A potentially unadvisable thing she is currently doing is recording an interview a day for 100 days. You can check that out here.

Peader Thomas
Art & Design
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Since an early age Peader has been making crude marks on whatever he could get his hands on. Currently he works as an illustrator and designer in Melbourne. His illustrations cover the disciplines of traditional pen and ink drawing, digital design and comic book art. He is inspired by early russian space exploration, animals in human clothing, and his own ridiculous facial expressions.

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