#4 - Deb Fryers (Publicist/Producer)

This week Clay and Chris talk to Deb Fryers about her role as a publicist, producer, and manager.  Deb has worked on a number of classic Australian films including Noise, Charlie & Boots, as well as Clay's feature film Kenny, and she currently runs her own firm Deb Fryers Entertainment

We had a great discussion on how filmmakers can market their work, including lots of stories behind the release of Kenny, and a few slightly embarrassing moments for Chris. 

We hope you enjoy this weeks episode, stay tuned for our next episode with director/cinematographer Tom Swinburne, a young Melbourne-based feature filmmaker inspired by mumblecore movement.

Points of Discussion:

  • How filmmakers can sell themselves to distributors
  • The role of the Producer and Unit Publicist
  • Importance of online content and advertising
  • Building a brand for your film & brand consistency
  • Road testing marketing materials
  • Approaching famous actors to be in your project

Deb's Work: