Special offer: tableread PRO

Hey guys,

In our episode with Lally Katz we discussed a brand new app called tableread PRO that will read your screenplays out loud for you, complete with different character voices and genre-appropriate score. If you were as excited to try the app as we were, then you'll want to check this out!

By using the coupon code MOVIEPACK you can now get twelve months of free in app script hosting when you register for updates! Head on over to tablereadpro.com and sign up!

Here's some info on the app:


Want to listen to your scripts?
Well, with the 'tableread App', you can. Just import directly from PDF, then listen, it's that simple.
Subscribe to tableread Pro for access to over 40 unique and customizable character voices and a library of adaptive film scores.
Fully customize playback, so everyone experiences your scripts precisely how you want them to.
And be sure to take advantage of tableread's production features including rehearsals, note taking and sharing.
From script to screen, tableread Pro is a must have tool for the entire production process.
Tableread is being released this month so be sure to go to tablereadpro.com and register for updates.

Use the coupon code MOVIEPACK and receive 12 months free in app hosting.